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Orthodontist Fayetteville, North Carolina  7/1/2016
When you join an affiliated DentalOne Partners practice, you have more time to focus on what really matters – providing your patients with the most advanced dental care available. We provide the managerial, the marketing, and the technical administrative expertise so you can do what you do best - practice dentistry. Best of all, our support delivers measurable results. In fact, many of the affiliated practices rank in the top 5% nationally. For almost three decades, we have been committed to helping Dentists operate their dental practices more efficiently and profitably, while offering patient . . .

Office Leader Murphy, Texas  7/1/2016
Dentists count on DentalOne Partners to provide the managerial, marketing, and technical administrative expertise that is necessary to build a successful dental practice. We count on you to help lead and coordinate these functions within the practice. In this critical role you will ensure that the business side of dentistry is taken care of so Dentists can focus on what they do best – care for their patients. If you’re ready to assist one of our affiliated dental practices, you may be ready to become an Office Leader with DentalOne Partners. For almost three decades, we have been committed to . . .

Patient Relations Coordinator Katy, Texas  7/1/2016
Purpose: The Patient Relations Coordinator’s (PRC) primary responsibility is to contribute to the financial success of the practice by ensuring that patients are the number one priority from the time they enter the practice until the time they leave. PRCs contribute to the practice’s financial success by creating and maintaining positive relationships with patients as well as by knowing and understanding the business aspects necessary to provide patients with the best experience possible. Essential Functions: * Follow the New Patient Experience in order to make a positive first impression wi . . .

Dental Assistant Greensburg, Pennsylvania  7/1/2016
Position: Dental Assistant Purpose: The Dental Assistant’s (DA) primary responsibilities are to provide the patient with quality care and to provide the doctor with quality assistance on patient procedures. The DA has direct responsibility for patient’s excellent experience and the patient retention while in the chair. Essential Functions: * Provide outstanding customer service for the patient; make the patient the #1 priority; excellent chair side manner. * Assist the doctor with all dental procedures including but not limited to * take directions from doctor * anticipa . . .

Hygienist Austin, Texas  7/1/2016
Purpose: The Dental Hygienist’s (DH) primary responsibility is to perform quality and efficient hygiene procedures while building and maintaining positive and professional relationships with patients. The DH is directly responsible for the patient’s excellent experience and for patient retention while in the hygiene department. The DH contributes to the overall financial success of the practice. Essential Functions: * Provide superior patient care and service; make the patient the # 1 priority; exhibit outstanding customer service and hospitality as well as chair side manner. * Practice Serv . . .


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